Aerial Photography - Pole Photography - Mast Photography.


No need to hire expensive planes or worry about problems of flight restrictions. Aerial Close-up Ltd provides a cost effective low-level aerial photography service from the ground, by utilising a 30 metre telescopic mast, mounted on a commercial vehicle - this technique is otherwise called Pole Photography or Mast Photography.

Using the attached remote control digital SLR or digital video camera this unique bird’s-eye view is previewed via a laptop computer at ground level by the operator and / or client in real time.  The control unit allows the operator to pan, tilt, zoom and frame the subject all from the ground.  The telescoping mast can capture unique aerial views needing only the parking area of a medium sized van.

Furthermore, there is minimum disturbance to either surrounding properties or their occupants. The vehicle can easily operate within either busy urban areas or the countryside - making Pole Photography or Mast Photography the ideal, cost effective solution in otherwise, difficult to access locations.

Aerial Close-up Ltd has sought to portray within this website, just a small sample of the many applications for this unique low-level aerial photographic service. We are always willing to discuss new ideas and uses for our service to respond to our client’s ever changing requirements.



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